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Article publié le 20/04/2021, dernière mise à jour le 22/09/2023

I often give advices to developers about their resume when I stumble across them on social networks, but I've always wanted to offer simple, minimalistic and efficient templates that I would have loved to receive when I was recruting developers.

Coincidentally, I had to make myself a new resume for a recent opportunity, which I simply declined into a free template!

Here is the preview of this template, available on Google Docs so you can edit it and export directly into PDF (or rework it with Word, but be careful with compatibility).

Because of numerous requests about how to edit the template, on Google Docs you simply need to go to File -> Create a copy and you will have your own editable copy!

To access the template, click on the preview below, or on the button at the end of the blog post!

This template follows every guidelines I give to developers, while staying basic enough so you can customize it the way you want.

Download (free)

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