Personal Note #4 — What if smartphones were innovatives again.

Article publié le 25/03/2019, dernière mise à jour le 19/09/2023

It’s Monday evening, and Tim Cook just unveiled the first drafts of the next innovative product from Apple.

We  are in March 2025 and since Steve Jobs death, Apple has stopped innovating  in the hardware industry. Instead they started creating great online services like Apple TV+, but today, Apple definitely invented something new. Every smartphone manufacturer have tried to use the  flexible/foldable screen technology without any success for the last  couple of years, until now… Let me introduce you the project with the  code name “Apple Bracelet”.

As  you can see, this curved phone looks like a regular phone wrapped  around the arm, but when unclipped from the arm, it reveals two mini  gaming remote, which reminds us the Nintendo Switch controllers, plus a  curved stand which unfolds itself from inside the back of the smartphone  which can be set in any angle you prefer.

Now  you will tell me that as always, Apple isn’t revolutionizing anything,  and I will agree BUT the point is that Apple is taking the best things  from everywhere and putting it into a great product which will revolutionize our everyday life.

Here is a non-exhaustive list of the features which will come along this new product:

  • Heart-rate, body temperature mesurment and disease detection (previously available in Apple Watch).
  • Movement-induced energy generation which allows you to charge your phone only once in a month.
  • Apple BonePods included wich allow you to always have a pod around your ear to make calls thanks to bone conductivity.
  • Gesture control of your computer using integrated accelerometer.
  • Trigger Siri commands with your arms movements or by contracting your muscles
  • Play on it like a real video game console with the game controllers hidden in the bracelet.
  • Store your credit cards and your ID documents the new Apple Safe app available only on the bracelet
  • Soon you will be able to travel wearing nothing but you Apple Bracelet ! (We cannot garanty you that airline companies will let you getting aboard their plane without wearing clothes)

What  you just read (congrats for making it until the end) is just a view of  the mind about what I think could become a smartphone in a near future.

If you liked it don’t hesitate to share the story, or eventually send it to Tim Cook if you want Apple to be innovative again.

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